29 Out of This World Caramel Treats

29 Out of This World Caramel Treats

Ok, so we all know how popular caramel has gotten these days {totally warranted, of course!} and during the Fall season our taste buds seem to salivate more for this sweet saucy stuff. So, in the spirit of cooler weather....and packing on pounds....I want to share some of these delectable~looking recipes with you all. And yes, I added several recipes for caramel sauce so you can pick the one that … [Read more...]

Easy Last~Minute Halloween Hot Chocolate Treat + Free Printable

Easy Last~Minute Halloween Hot Chocolate Treat + Free Printable By:

I'm all about doing things last~minute....just ask anyone that's had the misfortune of planning stuff with me. I'm usually the one who has to think and plan stuff out for the first 98% of my time frame, and then that last 2% is when the H in ADHD comes in handy for me {H meaning hyperactive, or course}. So, 3 weeks ago, I started planning to make some fun treats to bring to my kiddos' schools for … [Read more...]

Lucky Leprechaun Donuts and Tricky Leprechaun Traps

Lucky Leprechaun Donuts and Tricky Leprechaun Traps By:

Nothing says March like tiny green donuts and cute little Leprechaun traps, right? Well, a few years back, when my older two kiddos were in Kindergarten (different years, same school) all the kiddos were assigned the cutest project ever! They were asked to make a Leprechaun trap to bring in to show the class. Then, on St. Patrick's Eve all the traps were put to the test to try and catch one of the … [Read more...]

Easy & Yummy Valentine’s Sprinkle Layer Cake + Frosting Tips

Easy & Yummy Valentine's Sprinkle Layer Cake By:

Ok, I have a confession to make. I'm not very good at making layer cakes. There. I said it. Yep, they always end up being lopsided, lumpy, and {yes, AND} crummy. So, I've been making a lot of cakes lately in an attempt to finally get it right {luckily, no one here has been complaining about all the extra cake}. This one was actually pretty easy to make and looks really cute {and kind of hides … [Read more...]

Hand Stamped Muslin Bags for Valentine’s Day

Hand Stamped Muslin Bags for Valentine's Day By:

I love Valentine's Day. It's a fun day we get to spread the love around to everyone we know, and who doesn't need a little more love in their life? I remember looking forward to Valentine's parties at school and how fun it was to make little mailboxes and then give out little cards to all my classmates. Today I want to show you these adorable hand-stamped muslin bags and just how easy it is to … [Read more...]

15 Festive Christmas Treats and Katiedid Designs Giveaway Winners!!

15 Festive Christmas Treats @

Are you like me and always realize too late before a holiday party that you have nothing to bring.....again? Or just the plain 'ol boring thing you brought last time? I always get so bogged down this time of year, that I forget to search for fun and yummy desserts to throw in my Tupperware and slap out on the treat table to share. I love having fun and tasty things to share...always makes me smile … [Read more...]

Cocoa Peppermint Lip Balm For Those Cold Months

Cocoa Peppermint Lip Balm For Those Cold Months By

The cold, dry months are upon us and when that happens my lips need some extra TLC to stay kissable for my hot hubby :) One of my favorite kinds for winter is Cocoa Peppermint since it has chocolate (yum!) and peppermint (think candy canes). Who doesn't want those flavors on their lips? And the peppermint is super invigorating for those darker cold mornings. Lip balm is very easy to make and each … [Read more...]

24 Cute and Yummy Halloween Treats

24 Cute and Yummy Halloween Treats

It's no secret that I loooooove Halloween! And around here we tend to go all out. One of my favorite part of this holiday is alllllll the cute and yummy treats you get to make for the kiddos (or yourself after said kiddos go to bed) Coincidentally, this is also the time of year when I get a little fluffier around the middle. Well, there are so many ideas out there in BloggerLand that I don't … [Read more...]