Painted Rainbow Bead Necklace + Cool Painting Hack

Painted Rainbow Bead Necklace + Cool Painting Hack

Since the weather has warmed and St. Patty's Day is next week, we wanted to make more fun things to wear for Spring. I also wanted to show you a cool hack to use when painting's life~changing. Seriously! You'll Need: Wooden Beads {I carry these in my Etsy shop} Paint~ I used the "pearl" finish from Martha Stewart Paintbrush~ duh Plastic Straws Rice in a container … [Read more...]

Kindergarten T-Shirts That Are Cuter Than Apples Pie


So.....our Super Saturday was awesome, as it always is every year!! Very crazy & busy....but AWESOME!! The ladies who arranged it all did wonderfully, and all the teachers did great! I taught my Halloween & Christmas countdown blocks and everyone who made them did a smashing job (trying to be a little British here :) Thanks all!! Anyhoo, I promised to show you all the cute … [Read more...]

Freecycle Friday…..On Saturday!! More Re-Purposing With Kids Clothes

Happy Friday!!! (uuhhhh......Saturday :}I was too busy yesterday and most of today enjoying some fun migraines (and 3 sweet, needy kiddos).SO.......A treat for you guys on this fine weekend.MORE cute accessories from my kids clothes (and even something for me this time :)I used the tulle from the bottom of this skirt that I used in last week's post.To make the cute hair clips flowers, just take … [Read more...]

Freecycle Friday~ Repurposed Clothes Into Cute Hair Posies

Happy Freecycle Friday!!!!(sorry I'm so late, but it's been "one of those days" here)This week I'm gonna show my new favorite hair accessory for my girls.......Cute fabric posie clips!!!I was searching around on blog land and came across this post on Little Birdie Secrets that linked up with here on Wise Craft and showed a GREAT tute on how to make these!!Easy Peasy!!AND I made them all with … [Read more...]

Jumpin’ On The Bandwagon Late Again….With A Great Mother’s Day Gift!!!

Jumpin' On The Bandwagon Late Again....With A Great Mother's Day Gift!!! By:

Yay! I'm finally making washer that everyone else has already made them!! So, I've had this on my "list" for awhile now, but JUST got around to doing it a few weeks ago thanks to my friend Heidi. She CLAIMS that she's not crafty, but is always showing me all these cute crafty things she's done........ And, at Christmas she made this A~dorable … [Read more...]