Fun Instagram Mom~Boys and Their Cars

Fun Instagram Mom~Boys and Their Cars At:

  My kids have a lot of little hot wheels cars. They add up fast when they are sold in a 5 pack most places and my husband and I are always suckers to add a few more cool cars to their stash. (Santa tends to stuff them in their stockings each year too) Awhile back on Pinterest I saw a fun idea...just map out a road with painters tape around the house and let your kids drive their cars on it. … [Read more...]

What Does the Fox Say?…Last Minute Costume

What Does the Fox Say?...Last Minute Costume By

I've always loved dressing up for Halloween, but being a mom sometimes puts a damper on having time to get your own costume together. This year, though, I really wanted to make sure I had something to wear.....even if it was only one day before Halloween. If it's too late to make this for your parties....maybe you can save this one for your New Year's party or next Halloween. Have you seen The … [Read more...]

26 Neat-O Kids Halloween Crafts

26 Neat-O Kids Halloween Crafts by

Well, the time is getting close for all the little ghosties and goblins to start roaming the streets begging for candies. This is a time for fun and imaginative crafts and treats & a great opportunity to spend time with the munchkins getting sticky with glue and having fun. I searched the web for some cute things for my girlies to make these last days of anticipation a fun time and I want to … [Read more...]

Yummy Waffle Sandwiches

waffle sammies 2

I told you I would show you something yummy today.... We love our breakfast foods here at our house, and I'm often found making fluffy, crispy Belgian waffles for everyone to gobble up. Sometimes even for dinner. I usually make a ton and then freeze them for quick breakfasts during the week and the kiddos can even heat them up themselves. Which is great for the days I oversleep! This is a fun … [Read more...]

Guess Who’s Cute Craft Is On The Front Cover Of A Magazine!?

Guess Who's Cute Craft Is On The Front Cover Of A Magazine!? By:

I hope you guessed mine.......! OhmygoshholycowI'msoexcitedIcan'tbelieveI'mactuallyinamagazine!!!!!! Ok, Emily......take a deep breath and start over. Alrighty, so one of the editors (hi Brian!) contacted me a llloooooooonnnnngggg time ago about putting my cute Glowing Jack O'Lanterns in their magazine. So of course I said YES!! Then,.......he emailed again and said the … [Read more...]

We Interrupt This Regularly Scheduled Programming…….

So sorry, but Freecycle Friday will return next week........I have something cool I want to show off, but have had a bad migraine most of yesterday and today......BUTI can take this opportunity to show you all some spiffy ideas for upcoming April Fool's Day!!(Our 3 year-old, Aislyn, started to be born on April 1st, but that was her joke on us since she didn't make her entrance till the next day!)I … [Read more...]

Another Awesome Giveaway!!!

Ok, so I was contacted by Taylor of Mary Janes and Galoshes about at SUPER-SWEET giveaway she's having on her blog right now (almost as good as mine!).Her friend from Miss Pretty Pretty on Etsy is giving her one of her fabulous felt play houses to give away on her blog!!!She is seriously talented......I even want one for myself (hey, there were 5 kids in my family, so we never got cool stuff like … [Read more...]


K, so court went well today but lasted 1 1/2 hrs. since they asked so many questions. Mostly about our desire to adopt a baby with congenital heart disease (which was repaired at 6 months) and lingering effects from that and the fact that she was 11 weeks premature. We do, however need to return tomorrow since they wanted an additional document that our agency is going to e-mail for us. Therefore, … [Read more...]