19+ Cute and Easy Kids Halloween Costumes

19+ Cute and Easy Kids Halloween Costumes

So, while searching for costumes to make for my own kiddos {post coming soon}, I kept stumbling upon SO many other cute costumes. My older 2 had already made up their minds early and were getting so tired of me trying to convince them to change costumes 17 times every┬áday whenever I went on Pinterest "Are you sure you want to be a about a gumball machine instead....Or wait! maybe a … [Read more...]

Fun and Easy Halloween Bloody HandPrint Towel

Fun and Easy Halloween Bloody Hand Print Towel

So last week when my brain had run dry of sweet Halloween ideas, my bestie Jess sent me a torrent of texts filled with great ideas! One {this one} looked super fun and easy and I decided I needed to make one for our guest know, to scare away any guests that might be foolish enough to enter our asylum. Anyhoo, I also just happened to have all the materials on hand … [Read more...]

What Does the Fox Say?…Last Minute Costume

What Does the Fox Say?...Last Minute Costume By

I've always loved dressing up for Halloween, but being a mom sometimes puts a damper on having time to get your own costume together. This year, though, I really wanted to make sure I had something to wear.....even if it was only one day before Halloween. If it's too late to make this for your parties....maybe you can save this one for your New Year's party or next Halloween. Have you seen The … [Read more...]

No-Sew (No Kidding) Mermaid Costume

No-Sew (no-kidding) Mermaid Costume by

My oldest came to me awhile ago and told me she wanted to be a mermaid for Halloween so I immediately started scouring the web for cute costumes. The only things I found, though, were either Ariel costumes (from the Little Mermaid) or really adorable custom ones, that we couldn't really afford. So then I started looking for ideas on how to make one myself. But then I remembered that even though I … [Read more...]

27+ DIY Kids costumes

27+ DIY Kids Costumes by

Do your kiddos all know what they want to be for Halloween this year? Mine do but it's SO hard paring down from allllll the cutie- patootie costumes out there that I've seen. Here are some of the adorable ones that I came across when I was doing research for our offspring. I made sure to include adorable boys costumes as well, even though we just have girlies here at our fun house. The White … [Read more...]

Despicably Cute and Easy Minion Costume

Despicably Cute and Easy Minion Costume by

Yes, we LOVE Despicable Me at our house....and after seeing the 2nd movie, my youngest ran around with some homemade goggles her sister made for her yelling "Bee-do, bee-do, bee-do!" Therefore, it was a no-brainer and unanimously decided by all that she would be a minion for Halloween this year. I just finished this last night and I'm so excited to show how easy it was. You … [Read more...]