Chevron Decoupage Pumpkins

Chevron Decoupage Pumpkins by

I started out buying this bunch of white pumpkins with the intention of painting them chevron for the front porch, but as you can clearly see...that didn't end up happening. I was sitting here looking at the extra chevron fabric I had leftover from my adorable front door wreath, and it hit me! I had to decoupage those pumpkins with it....just had to! Here's how it went (typical decoupaging, but … [Read more...]

Not So Spooky Halloween Birdhouses

Not So Spooky Halloween Birdhouses

This post has been a long time coming folks. I actually bought these little birdhouses after seeing these stinkin' cute ones here from Jannypie.....Sooooooo cute huh? So yes, I have had these just laying around for like, 4 years!! I even packed 'em up and moved them with us across several states (I was THAT determined to make them). I didn't really add many embellishments since I think the paper … [Read more...]

Guess Who’s Cute Craft Is On The Front Cover Of A Magazine!?

Guess Who's Cute Craft Is On The Front Cover Of A Magazine!? By:

I hope you guessed mine.......! OhmygoshholycowI'msoexcitedIcan'tbelieveI'mactuallyinamagazine!!!!!! Ok, Emily......take a deep breath and start over. Alrighty, so one of the editors (hi Brian!) contacted me a llloooooooonnnnngggg time ago about putting my cute Glowing Jack O'Lanterns in their magazine. So of course I said YES!! Then,.......he emailed again and said the … [Read more...]

Super Duper Cute and Easy Clothespin Magnets

Holy cow! It's been SO hot here the last week-ish. We've just been hiding inside or searching for other activities to do indoors and I'm trying REALLY hard to refrain from crankin' the A/C till it snows in here. Good thing the older 2 get to hang out in nice air-conditioned school each day, hee hee.Anyhoo, I wanted to show you all these really cute magnets that are also incredibly strong, so they … [Read more...]

Adorable Spring Blocks + More

Adorable Spring Blocks + More By:

Well, Spring is here, and the weather is getting warm (here anyway). I have put out what little Spring decor I have and was sad to find that I don't have much :(  So, I decided that I need some MORE. And I wanted to cute~n up my mantle. So, I thought I would make some Spring blocks! I looked through my VAST supply of scrapbook paper (even though I haven't scrapbooked in … [Read more...]

Springtime Stars

So! It's springtime again and I'm ready to freshen thing up around here.AND I had found these stars on super-clearance after Christmas and though they would look SO cute with some cute Spring paper on them (not fond of the bright GOLD)I had seen Char do it here and  Jen do it here and they looked fabulous!! So, I was keeping my eye out for a few of my own to re-do (that didn't cost $20 … [Read more...]

25 Days Of Christmas~No Better Pair

25 Days Of Christmas~No Better Pair by

Well, we had a GREAT Christmas today (since we celebrated early due to hubby's work schedule)! The kiddos each got Nintendo DS lites,......but not games (that's what we told grandparents they wanted :) and a few other toys. Hubby and I The girls had a great time playing with their toys after they opened them and are already asking about our next Christmases (we will be having 2 … [Read more...]

25 Days Of Christmas~More Awesome Photo Gifts

So, is it weird that I really like that Gap "boots" commercial? You know, the one with the cute little girls dancing around in cute boots/tights/sweaters/hats/etc, singing that catchy tune about their boots?I also really like the Free Credit commercials.......The one with the 3 guys lip-syching pretty badly in different venues. Weird huh?Anyhoo......Today I wanted to re-post an awesome … [Read more...]