Yummy Waffle Sandwiches

waffle sammies 2

I told you I would show you something yummy today.... We love our breakfast foods here at our house, and I'm often found making fluffy, crispy Belgian waffles for everyone to gobble up. Sometimes even for dinner. I usually make a ton and then freeze them for quick breakfasts during the week and the kiddos can even heat them up themselves. Which is great for the days I oversleep! This is a fun … [Read more...]

Fancy Easter Eggs

So, I came across a cute idea on the Martha Stewart site for glittered and masked eggs. I thought they were pretty, so we did this when we decorated eggs as a family. I also set up a tutorial so you can see how to do them and how easy they really are! I cut out all the shapes with my vinyl cutter (each shape is around .25-.40 of an inch), but you can use your cricut or other die cutter or just … [Read more...]

Glittered Easter Eggs

Things you will need for the glittered eggs: Eggs, double-sided adhesive sheets (again, I used my vinyl cutter to cut these), & ultra fine glitter of desired color. Steps: 1. Apply adhesive shapes to egg (making sure to leave on paper backing like I did in the picture until right before you roll them). 2. Roll in glitter, making sure to coat well. 3. Brush or blow off excess … [Read more...]

Masked Easter Eggs

Things you will need for the masked Easter eggs: Hard boiled eggs (you can blow the insides out to make them last longer, but it also makes them more delicate, so we didn't do this), little vinyl shapes or little stickers of any shape, dye. Steps: 1. Apply your vinyl or stickers randomly around your egg (make sure you seal them firmly so no dye seeps underneath). I used green vinyl shapes in … [Read more...]