Spooky and Simple Halloween Treat Bags X 2

Spooky and Simple Halloween Treat Bags X 2 By

Need some cute and simple Halloween treat bags for your fun Halloween party....or just to hand out to the cute kiddos that will come begging for sweets? Well, I have just the thing! These bags are so easy peasy to make and can hold just about anything you care to fill 'em with. I do have both kinds at my Etsy Shop....pre~stamped of course! Orrrrrrr, you can get the blank bags and jazz them up … [Read more...]

Harry Potter Birthday Invitations and Authentic Acceptance Letter and Party Part 1

Harry Potter Birthday Invitations and Authentic Acceptance Letter and Party Part 1

Well, another birthday party has come and gone around these parts and like always, now is the time to show the super fun results of said party. This one was especially fun since our oldest begged for the magic of a Harry Potter par~tay...of which, I happen to be a super huge fan of {1st book came out the year after I graduated high school and I was hooked by the first page....yes, I'm THAT … [Read more...]

Color On Shape Magnets ~ Father’s Day & Summer Kids Craft

Color On Shape Magnets ~ Father's Day & Summer Kids Craft By:

I have been racking my brain for a cute craft the kiddos could make for the hubs for Father's Day this year. So, as I was ransacking my craft supplies for inspiration, I came across these cute shapes I made from magnet material {we all know how much I LOVE magnets!!} that the kiddos could draw on with colorful permanent markers. I knew the hubs would love being able to use these and see the … [Read more...]

St. Patrick’s Day Treat ~ Leprechaun Loot Pail + Printable

Saint Patrick's Day Treat ~ Leprechaun Loot Pail By:

With 3 girlies around, St. Patty's Day has become kind of a big deal here.....What, with all the rainbow and pot o' gold themed stuff out there, and little people with magic and allllll the green tinted food! It's no wonder my girls have warmed up to this fun holiday pretty quickly. I added these cute clear paint cans to my Etsy store recently, and wanted to play with some fun ways to dress them … [Read more...]

Fun Instagram Mom~Love Is In The Air

Fun Instagram Mom~Love Is In The Air By:

February is here and love is in the air! Or sick germs who love this family anyway.  We started off the month with my 3 month old in the hospital for 4 days with bronchiolitis and a virus. And the cherry on top you ask?  Just 4 hrs after arriving at the ER with her, my husband calls and says he needs to bring our 4 yr old...all I can say is we have the best family and friends around. People were … [Read more...]

Hand Stamped Muslin Bags for Valentine’s Day

Hand Stamped Muslin Bags for Valentine's Day By:

I love Valentine's Day. It's a fun day we get to spread the love around to everyone we know, and who doesn't need a little more love in their life? I remember looking forward to Valentine's parties at school and how fun it was to make little mailboxes and then give out little cards to all my classmates. Today I want to show you these adorable hand-stamped muslin bags and just how easy it is to … [Read more...]