Spooky Halloween Jello Specimen Jars

Spooky Halloween Jello Specimen Jars By:

When Halloween time comes a~callin' I get in the mood to try creeping out my kiddos {which isn't hard cuz they're kinda lily~livered}. I don't go too far, or course, but when I found these cool gummies at target I knew I wanted to do something fun with them. Well, I have these sweet Weck jars and I thought they would look cool with green Jello and creepy things floating specimen … [Read more...]

12 Splendid Thanksgiving Tablescapes

12 Splendid Thanksgiving Tablescapes by

Thanksgiving is one of those Holidays that reminds me most of family. I think that's because it's all about hanging out and just being together. Not to mention, there's no pressure of making sure to get and wrap gifts for everyone on time. It's the one holiday that's solely about good food and good company. Oh, and the best new movies out in theaters LOL But, just because it's mostly about food … [Read more...]

26 Neat-O Kids Halloween Crafts

26 Neat-O Kids Halloween Crafts by

Well, the time is getting close for all the little ghosties and goblins to start roaming the streets begging for candies. This is a time for fun and imaginative crafts and treats & a great opportunity to spend time with the munchkins getting sticky with glue and having fun. I searched the web for some cute things for my girlies to make these last days of anticipation a fun time and I want to … [Read more...]

27+ DIY Kids costumes

27+ DIY Kids Costumes by

Do your kiddos all know what they want to be for Halloween this year? Mine do but it's SO hard paring down from allllll the cutie- patootie costumes out there that I've seen. Here are some of the adorable ones that I came across when I was doing research for our offspring. I made sure to include adorable boys costumes as well, even though we just have girlies here at our fun house. The White … [Read more...]

Chevron Decoupage Pumpkins

Chevron Decoupage Pumpkins by

I started out buying this bunch of white pumpkins with the intention of painting them chevron for the front porch, but as you can clearly see...that didn't end up happening. I was sitting here looking at the extra chevron fabric I had leftover from my adorable front door wreath, and it hit me! I had to decoupage those pumpkins with it....just had to! Here's how it went (typical decoupaging, but … [Read more...]

Spooky Cupcake Ghosties Plus Easy Fondant Recipe

Spooky Cupcake Ghosties Plus easy Fondant Recipe by

Today I wanted to show you a really cool Halloween treat that you can totally make with the kiddos and is easy and fun. This is a re-post from a few years ago, but we made these at our house again recently and they are still a big hit around here so I thought I would show them again. The fondant recipe is also great to have on hand for anytime you need to make a cute cake....or cupcakes too! … [Read more...]

Orange & Teal Chevron Wreath

Orange and Teal Chevron Wreath by

So, did you all notice my fantastic new blog design? Liz over at Sweet Simplicity Designs just finished yesterday and I'm so happy I could squeal! The blog is super duper cute, and it helped that she has been the nicest and most helpful person to work with (and patient with my OCD-ness). Thanks so much Liz for making this happen and making it awesome! I love wreaths for the front porch! They … [Read more...]

Keep Your Apples Fresh Longer

Keep Your Apples Fresh Longer by

I love sweet, crunchy apples and Fall is such a fun time to get out as a family and go apple-picking. I also love taking slices on the go and sending them in my kids' lunches. The only problem was when they turned brown, the kids didn't want to eat them. And putting pure lemon juice on them made them too sour and they would STILL turn a little brown (and the kids still didn't want to eat … [Read more...]