Our Funny Christmas Card and Photo Idea

Our Funny and Unique Christmas Card and Photo Idea

Are you as behind on your Christmas "to~do" list as I am? It just seems like each year, that list gets exponentially longer...sheesh! Anyways, we finally got our cards done and decided to be funny this year {and a little lazy....ok, a lot lazy}. We also kinda ran out of time to schedule a photo shoot with any of the awesome photographers we are lucky enough to know {although, my friend Amy was so … [Read more...]

Fun Instagram Mom~ Spring Has Sprung

Fun Instagram Mom~ Spring Has Sprung at:

Spring Has Sprung!Spring, to me, means that it is just that much closer to the best season of all SUMMER!  But let's be real, in SoCal most days feel like spring or summer :) Just my kind of place.     I have had 3 old milk containers, rinsed out and sitting on my counter for weeks! My husband will be so glad I finally completed this project that took all of 5minutes.     We recently planted our … [Read more...]

When My Heart Goes Out Walking Around….

When My Heart Goes Out Walking Around.... By:

These days, my heart belongs to 3 others bodies, besides my own {and one grown up body, if you count my hubs}. In fact, I think they have larger portions of that organ than I posses myself.....which can't be safe for me at all. It's a really weird thing to experience, this sharing of my heart with others. I mean, I have been in a family before this one that me and hubby created, it's just that … [Read more...]

Go Ahead…Have That Pity Party, It’s Ok

Go Ahead...Have That Pity Party, It's Ok By:

Yes, I believe in the Pity Party. I even encourage my kiddos to throw one for themselves every now and again. I think it's healthy to indulge sometimes and let yourself go to that pitiful place for a spell. But, I do have guidelines that I like to follow....or else the party could turn into something that's not healthy and a place you don't want to be. Here's what I do and what I encourage my … [Read more...]

The Easy Life We Might Have Had Without Our Special Needs Daughter

The Easy Life We Might Have Had Without Our Special Needs Daughter By

The first time we saw our soon-to-be youngest firecracker of a daughter Kira, we were in an old, WW1 era, run-down but fairly well kept up orphanage in Kaliningrad, November (very cold!). The staff had us wait in a small waiting room/office while they went and got her and brought her to us all bundled up. But one thing we didn't know back then was how much impact that little bundle … [Read more...]

Magical Santa Footprints for Christmas Morning

Magical Santa Footprints By:

So all day yesterday, I don't think I sat down once. I was getting things ready for school parties and making sure I was ready to ship off boxes full of brightly wrapped packages to little nieces and nephews. I got to make fun treats too....Mmmmmm! Well, doing all those things for the kiddos made me think of this magical tradition that I shared a few years back, and I wanted to re-post in time … [Read more...]

ADD Cheater’s Guide To A (Somewhat) Clean House & Freebie Printable

ADD Cheater's Guide To A (Somewhat) Clean House & Free Printable by

Hello, my name is Emily and I'm a mess-a-holic. I admit it....I hate to clean and since I have ADD, I get distracted or overwhelmed super easily and am always needing to devise ways to trick myself help keep myself motivated to get my chores done. Don't get me wrong, my house isn't dirty....just always messy.  I'm terrible at putting away all things I get out for my projects and with ADD it's … [Read more...]

26 Neat-O Kids Halloween Crafts

26 Neat-O Kids Halloween Crafts by

Well, the time is getting close for all the little ghosties and goblins to start roaming the streets begging for candies. This is a time for fun and imaginative crafts and treats & a great opportunity to spend time with the munchkins getting sticky with glue and having fun. I searched the web for some cute things for my girlies to make these last days of anticipation a fun time and I want to … [Read more...]