Repurposed Old T~Shirts Into Shopping Bags

Repurposed Old T~Shirts Into Shopping Totes By:

*I was looking through my old {yes, super old} posts, and came across this gem! I sooooooooo need to make more of these, so I thought I would share the tutorial again in case you missed it.* Hello all! Thanks for all of your sweet comments......I LOVE 'em!!! But, for now, on with the post. Sorry about the weird looking pics. I am finally able to post something for freecycle friday!! … [Read more...]

15 Easy Sewing Projects For Kids, Tweens and Teens

15 Easy Sewing Projects For Kids, Tweens and Teens By:

My girlies are getting older and have started showing more interest in learning more "grown up" activities, like sewing. But, of course they need to start off with the simpler types of projects.....and since I'm a champ at sewing straight lines (and somewhat wiggly)....that's exactly what I teach them. I've been on the lookout for some cute things they can start off with and these are some that … [Read more...]

Awesome Recycled Cereal Box Chalkboard Tags

Awesome Recycled Cereal Box Chalkboard Tags By:

Happy New Year's everyone! Hope you all were able to celebrate with your families and enjoy. We have a tradition here that everyone gets to pick a snack or treat and then we eat the snacks and watch movies all night. Then, we watch the ball drop in New York (at 10pm our time) and then head off to bed. The kiddos still get to stay up way after their bedtime, but not till midnite LOL. Today I … [Read more...]

Cute & Spooky Glowing Jack O’Lanterns

Cute & Spooky Glowing Jack O'Lanterns

I'm getting the Halloween itch SO bad already (well, ever since July, truthfully), so I'm gonna go ahead and start posting some fun Halloween stuff for y'all. And it's been a few years since these little guys first made their debut into internet history and since it's such a fun and easy craft to do, I thought I'd re-post this tutorial to help get the Halloween juices flowing. These guys even … [Read more...]

Guess Who’s Cute Craft Is On The Front Cover Of A Magazine!?

Guess Who's Cute Craft Is On The Front Cover Of A Magazine!? By:

I hope you guessed mine.......! OhmygoshholycowI'msoexcitedIcan'tbelieveI'mactuallyinamagazine!!!!!! Ok, Emily......take a deep breath and start over. Alrighty, so one of the editors (hi Brian!) contacted me a llloooooooonnnnngggg time ago about putting my cute Glowing Jack O'Lanterns in their magazine. So of course I said YES!! Then,.......he emailed again and said the … [Read more...]

Freecycle Friday – Temple Sealing Gift And Reader Giveaway!!!!

Happy Friday!!!Today is special because it was the LAST day of kindergarten for my baby girl!!!I think I need to cry baby is growing up so fast and she's gonna be a first grader!! Holy cow!!When she was a baby, I could NEVER imagine her as a first grader......or a kindergartner :(Ok, so enough blubbering and on to my Freecycle craft for today.I found a B-eautiful frame at my local … [Read more...]

Freecycle Friday and Our Little Guest

Happy Friday!!After today, it's just one more week of school before Maddie is out for the summer (and she's been asking to go swimming for 2 months already!)And also, you guys continue to ROCK!!I just LOVE the questions you are sending, they are so funny, thoughtful, sweet, ingenious, and imaginative all rolled into one!! When I checked my e-mail this morning you guys had me grinning (and laughing … [Read more...]

Freecycle Friday – Magazine Rack Re-Do

Hey all! Hope you all are having fun dreading anticipating the end of school so you can have your kiddos home ALL day EVERY day :)Well, I know I am (it's not too scary for me yet since my oldest is only in kindergarten)Anyhoo, today I wanted to show my little magazine rack make-over.We've had this for a lloooonnngggg time, but I still love it. It was just looking a little drab and I thought I … [Read more...]