17 Marvelous Mudroom Makeovers

17 Marvelous Mudroom Makeovers

Well, the weather outside is definitely getting frightful and since the kiddos are starting to drag wet shoes and boots through the house, it's made me think about mudrooms/areas once again. We made ours last year, and we LoVe it, but here are some other awesome ones to help you get started on any makeovers you have in mind. Entry Way Re~Do from Hello From the Natos Cutie Patootie Mudroom … [Read more...]

Hall Closet Re-Do and Wrapping Paper Storage

Hall Closet Re-Do and Wrapping Paper Storage By

Don't forget to enter the Katiedid Designs giveaway here for your chance to win some cute card designs or fun paper straws! In the midst of getting ready and packed up to fly off (with 3 kiddos) for Thanksgiving last week, I had a really crazy thought. I thought: "Man, I'm soooooo tired of this nonsense storage closet we have here in our hallway, I should totally re-do it.....right now.  Yep, … [Read more...]

12 Splendid Thanksgiving Tablescapes

12 Splendid Thanksgiving Tablescapes by

Thanksgiving is one of those Holidays that reminds me most of family. I think that's because it's all about hanging out and just being together. Not to mention, there's no pressure of making sure to get and wrap gifts for everyone on time. It's the one holiday that's solely about good food and good company. Oh, and the best new movies out in theaters LOL But, just because it's mostly about food … [Read more...]

DIY Providence Front Porch Bench

Front bench 2

I LOVE our front porch! It's big enough to sit out on and watch the kiddos ride bikes around, but not too big that it takes over the front of the house. The only problem was, there was no place to actually sit (to watch kiddos or otherwise). So, I set out to find the perfect front porch bench. I went to every store I could think of.....several times. But, none of them were "the one." Or, they … [Read more...]

Freecycle Friday – Re-covered Fabric Ottoman

Happy Friday.....hope everyone had a great day!I know I had fun making this using only hot glue and a staple gun!!!Today I wanted to show the quick and easy way I re-covered this awful very brightly colored ottoman I got at Target for the super clearance price of ONLY $5 bucks!!!I've had it for awhile and have been wanting to do something useful with it.I had a lot of fabric left over from this … [Read more...]