25 Days Of Christmas~No Better Pair

25 Days Of Christmas~No Better Pair by

Well, we had a GREAT Christmas today (since we celebrated early due to hubby's work schedule)! The kiddos each got Nintendo DS lites,......but not games (that's what we told grandparents they wanted :) and a few other toys. Hubby and I The girls had a great time playing with their toys after they opened them and are already asking about our next Christmases (we will be having 2 … [Read more...]

25 Days Of Christmas~Yet Another Use For Vinyl

25 Days Of Christmas~Yet Another Use For Vinyl By

You have till midnite tonight (Pacific Time) to still enter my super-duper giveaway! Ok,......Is everyone else as excited as I am?!?!?!?! But, right now we have to focus and not let our excitement get the best of us. So, I want to show you another thing you can do when you win one of those big rolls of vinyl..... Cute picture frame quotes!!! I made this 2 years ago for … [Read more...]

25 Days Of Christmas~Some Cute Ideas

Well, I was wrong......I DID get sick after all :( So, in lieu of showing a craft I did (which of course didn't happen today), I want to show an awesome craft I saw a few days ago. Hop on over to Our Best Bites and check out how they modified my Halloween Lanterns for some great Christmas decor! So Cute! They used a Cricut to cut out the cute clever! Also, run … [Read more...]

25 Days Of Christmas~ Photo Ornaments For Your Tree

25 Days Of Christmas~ Photo Ornaments For Your Tree by

Hi!These are the ornaments that I made to show for Kristen yesterday for her These Oh-so-cute-and-super-easy-to-whip-up photo ornaments! I saw some like these on my friend's Christmas tree a few years back and HAD to make some myself! I've made these as gifts for grandparents and we have TONS on our tree each year too :) AND..... SO easy!! Start off with some: ~ … [Read more...]

25 Days Of Christmas~Festive Glass Blocks

25 Days Of Christmas~Festive Glass Blocks by

Well, here's day #2 of my "25 Days of Christmas" and I'm starting to sweat a little :) Today, I'm showing some cute glass blocks I've made in the past 2 years. This little one is soooooooo cute and is the first one I made. I used vinyl to make the lettering and sealed it with a clear gloss sealer and topped it with a cute poofy bow (2 1/2" ribbon looks nice :)   I usually put this … [Read more...]

Super Saturday Crafts!! Chore Chart & Temple Block

Soooooooooo, can you tell I've been busy?On top of EVERYTHING else that's been going on here, I got sick last night. I'm not talking cute little cough,cough, sniff, sniffI pucked my brains out!!!And some other stuff (I think you all know what I mean :(Well, I feel better today, so I guess it wasn't the flu, probably something I ate. That should teach me to stop eating out of the matter … [Read more...]