How To Re-Size Your Photos

Hey, remember┬áthis post a few days ago.....well, a few of you asked about a tute on how to re-size your photos to make this cute pendant. (see, I really do listen to you guys :) You'll be happy to know that it's SUPER easy-peasy!! Just go to where your picture is on your computer. Then, right-click on the picture (the thumbnail one) and click on "copy". Now, open up your Word or … [Read more...]

Cute Mother’s Day Photo Necklace

Cute Mother's Day Photo Necklace By:

*If you are: MY mom, one of hubby's moms (he's lucky to have 2!), or any of our grandmothers......please stop reading this as it will ruin your surprise!!* Ok, now that they're gone.........I wanted to show one last Mother's Day gift (and obviously the one I'm making this year :) I've been trying to figure out a good way to make these for awhile and FINALLY did it!! I LOVE the way … [Read more...]