15 Yummy In My Tummy Fall & Winter Soups

15 Yummy In My Tummy Fall & Winter Soups

So, around these parts, we've had a lot of rain over the summer, and it seems to want to continue into the Fall as well. Which means, It's cooling down a bit earlier than usual this year. Which also means.....time for yummy, warm~in~your~tummy, soups!! I searched for allllllll the soups I want to make {or have delivered to my living room while I snuggle with my hot hubs on the couch} and these … [Read more...]

Cocoa Peppermint Lip Balm For Those Cold Months

Cocoa Peppermint Lip Balm For Those Cold Months By

The cold, dry months are upon us and when that happens my lips need some extra TLC to stay kissable for my hot hubby :) One of my favorite kinds for winter is Cocoa Peppermint since it has chocolate (yum!) and peppermint (think candy canes). Who doesn't want those flavors on their lips? And the peppermint is super invigorating for those darker cold mornings. Lip balm is very easy to make and each … [Read more...]

Keep Your Apples Fresh Longer

Keep Your Apples Fresh Longer by

I love sweet, crunchy apples and Fall is such a fun time to get out as a family and go apple-picking. I also love taking slices on the go and sending them in my kids' lunches. The only problem was when they turned brown, the kids didn't want to eat them. And putting pure lemon juice on them made them too sour and they would STILL turn a little brown (and the kids still didn't want to eat … [Read more...]

Super Easy Chalkboard Plate

Well, helloooooooooo there!So sorry it's been awhile, but we have been very busy enjoying all the fun stuff summer has to offer (and going a little crazy from cabin fever whenever we can't get out)So, I wanted to show a fun craft that I saw here last year sometime somewhere (I see sooooo many great ideas, but my memory poops out on me sometimes.....or I just forget to write it down.....).I got … [Read more...]

Freecycle Friday – Etched Kitchen Storage Jars

Hello......Yes, I'm VERY late again today. Don't ask.Anyhoo, I saw these on Martha and then looked at my OVERFLOWING supply of recycled jars (mostly peanut butter :), and thought "I need to make some of those."So, I gathered my jars (3 PB, and 2 cool salsa) and got to work.I started by spray painting the lids with my cool "brushed nickel" spray.......but I will definitely NOT be putting these into … [Read more...]

Freecycle Friday~Make Your Soap Last Forever

Ok, so I've been lame about my Freecycle Friday feature the last few months, but I pinky-swear that I will try, try, try to do better.So here goes........Well, I LOVE the great foaming soap from Bath & Body Works, but I alway have to wait till it's on sale dirt cheap, and then I buy out the whole store :)Then.......My friend Ginny posted this and opened my eyes to how I can save BIG $$$$ on my … [Read more...]