Cute & Easy Gift or Stocking Stuffer ~ Clothespin Magnets

Cute & Easy Gift or Stocking Stuffer ~ Clothespin Magnets

It always surprises me once Halloween is over and suddenly the days get chillier and it's the season for gift~giving. I feel a tightness in my chest and hyperventilate a bit when I start thinking about all the things that need to be done and all the awesome peeps I want to show appreciation for with some fun little things {you know who you are!}. But luckily there are about a million {give or … [Read more...]

Color On Shape Magnets ~ Father’s Day & Summer Kids Craft

Color On Shape Magnets ~ Father's Day & Summer Kids Craft By:

I have been racking my brain for a cute craft the kiddos could make for the hubs for Father's Day this year. So, as I was ransacking my craft supplies for inspiration, I came across these cute shapes I made from magnet material {we all know how much I LOVE magnets!!} that the kiddos could draw on with colorful permanent markers. I knew the hubs would love being able to use these and see the … [Read more...]

Magnetic Chore Chart Is Back!!

Magnetic Chore Chart by

So sorry about my blog's plain Jane appearance right....It's in the middle of a facelift and should be right purdy in a few weeks..... Here at the McDonald Casa, we make our kiddos our, do chores. And this chart remains the best and easiest way we've found to get them to do chores and keep track of who does what. I wanted to re-post this awesome parenting tool again as well as … [Read more...]

Super Duper Cute and Easy Clothespin Magnets

Holy cow! It's been SO hot here the last week-ish. We've just been hiding inside or searching for other activities to do indoors and I'm trying REALLY hard to refrain from crankin' the A/C till it snows in here. Good thing the older 2 get to hang out in nice air-conditioned school each day, hee hee.Anyhoo, I wanted to show you all these really cute magnets that are also incredibly strong, so they … [Read more...]

Silhouette Bundle Winner!!! And Super Cute Birthday Calendar

So.........Wanna see who won the supa-awesome Silhouette bundle including:1. 2 rolls of heat transfer (1 white & 1 yellow, smooth)2. A package of tattoo paper (2 sheets!)3. A package of magnetic paper (4 sheets!)Well, I'm gonna make you wait a few......first I want to show you all this really cute project I made with the neat-o magnet sheets I got from Silhouette.We all know how much I … [Read more...]

25 Days Of Christmas~Christmas Magnetic Fun!

25 Days Of Christmas~Christmas Magnetic Fun! by

Hahahahaha! Bet you thought I wasn't gonna post today! But, here I am.......I was just really busy today getting ready for Crafter's Club tonight! We had a great time and I'll post the craft tomorrow. But tonight I wanted to show an easy way to display ALL those beautiful Christmas cards that will be pouring in soon! I made this 2 (maybe 3) years ago, but who can remember these … [Read more...]

Super Saturday Crafts!! Chore Chart & Temple Block

Soooooooooo, can you tell I've been busy?On top of EVERYTHING else that's been going on here, I got sick last night. I'm not talking cute little cough,cough, sniff, sniffI pucked my brains out!!!And some other stuff (I think you all know what I mean :(Well, I feel better today, so I guess it wasn't the flu, probably something I ate. That should teach me to stop eating out of the matter … [Read more...]

Cute Glass Magnets

Hello all-Since I posted this post about my magnet board, I've had a few questions about how to make the super-easy glass magnets.They only take a few minutes and you can make them with ANY cute paper you want. Also, a great way to use those adorable scraps you just can't bear to part with.Here's how:Mine are pretty big and not perfectly semetrical, so start by rough tracing around the bottom of … [Read more...]