A Few Words…..And Some Halloween Inspiration!!

So,....... I wanted to take a few moments and explain why I've not been around much lately..... First, I hope you all know how much I LOVE this blog and all of you GREAT readers out there! You guys are what keeps me blogging/crafting late at night when I should be sleeping (really, I should be....) Next, I wanted to tell you all the real reason I have been MIA so much (gasp!), well aside … [Read more...]

Freecycle Friday…..On Saturday!! More Re-Purposing With Kids Clothes

Happy Friday!!! (uuhhhh......Saturday :}I was too busy yesterday and most of today enjoying some fun migraines (and 3 sweet, needy kiddos).SO.......A treat for you guys on this fine weekend.MORE cute accessories from my kids clothes (and even something for me this time :)I used the tulle from the bottom of this skirt that I used in last week's post.To make the cute hair clips flowers, just take … [Read more...]

Stupid Migraines!

Sorry I've been so lame about adding new posts, but I my migraines have gotten worse again we're back to getting a migraine EVERY DAY! I feel like the people on the migraine commercials who are ripping their heads off, except they only have it for 30 seconds whereas, mine go on for a millenia....and longer. I feel bad for my sweet girls, who are so understanding and patient with me … [Read more...]