My Life Written As Mystery~ Holiday Weight Gain

Here's a little something fun for the holidays! I wake up everyday lately in a cold sweat. I'm tangled in my blankets and it takes me a few minutes to remember that I'm safe at home, in my own cozy bed. How did things get to be this way? Why can't I recall how it feels to be happy....just for a few hours at least? It's the holidays season, I should be feeling the warm fuzzy of love and kindness … [Read more...]

My Life Written As Comedy~Sharing Desserts With the Kids

Thanks to my kiddos, I am able to find the humor in everyday situations now. Sometimes the humor strikes me as they are unfolding....but sometimes not till much, much, much later. Sharing desserts in a restaurant with 3 kiddos is one of those immediately hilarious situations {mostly}. Sharing Dessert with the a Restaurant There we were, sitting around the remains of a deep dish and … [Read more...]

My Life Written As Drama~ Bedtime

I was reading a fantastic book last where the story line was so thick with description that I wondered: What would my life sound like if written as a book? It might be a comedy, adventure or even drama, but I wanted to let you in on some of the most exciting times of my life these days....written as a passage from a book, of course. Bedtime The young girl with the sleepless blue … [Read more...]