Cute and Quick Color Block Kraft Notebook

Cute and Quick Color Block Kraft Notebook

I know that this is the time to make resolutions and keeping a journal is one of mine {reliably, this time I hope}. A few months back my friend asked if I could help think up a cute way the young women could dress up these kraft notebooks at girl's camp....fairly easily and with not too many supplies required. So, this is what I came up with....cute and easy polka dot notebooks. You … [Read more...]

Take A Smile….And Share Them Too! + Free Printable

Take A Smile....And Share Them Too! + Free Printable By:

We all know that this is a season of giving and showing love to your fellow matter what you believe. It's hard to resist. It's simply in the air. Annnnnnd New Year's is a time when we all want to try to be kinder, gentler, versions of ourselves {you know, for a week at least}. Case in point, I was heading into the post office yesterday {yikes, I know}, and even though I had a huge stack … [Read more...]

19 Fun Ideas For Celebrating New Year’s Eve With Kids

19 Fun Ideas For Celebrating New Year's Eve With Kids

I know we can all agree that celebrating New Year's with the kiddos is super fun....but can also be tricky to find fun ways to keep them in the spirit. We have 3 over here and have been hunting down kid~friendly ways to ring in the new year with them too. Here are so cool ones we found! New Year's Eve Bingo Game over at Capturing Joy Let the party begin with some cute little Shirley Temple … [Read more...]

How To Teach Your Kids About Making New Year’s Resolutions + Printable!

How To Teach Your Kids About Making New Year's Resolutions + Printable! By

The new year is upon us now and it's resolution time again (already?....sheesh). Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not one to go making crazy promises that I can't or don't intend to keep. I've done enough of that in the past..... I like to look at resolutions as a starting point to whatever goal I want to reach for myself in the the near future. Because, let's face's almost impossible to … [Read more...]

15 New Year’s Crafts and Activities For Kids

New Year's Crafts and Activities For Kids By:

When I was a kiddo, New Year's Eve was so fun! It wasn't fun because we went to parties or went downtown to watch was fun because we got to pick movies to watch and snacks to munch all together as a family. Earlier in the day, us kids would sometimes make little crafts and concoct hats and such to help celebrate and that was what made the New Year extra memorable...the home made … [Read more...]