Painted Rainbow Bead Necklace + Cool Painting Hack

Painted Rainbow Bead Necklace + Cool Painting Hack

Since the weather has warmed and St. Patty's Day is next week, we wanted to make more fun things to wear for Spring. I also wanted to show you a cool hack to use when painting's life~changing. Seriously! You'll Need: Wooden Beads {I carry these in my Etsy shop} Paint~ I used the "pearl" finish from Martha Stewart Paintbrush~ duh Plastic Straws Rice in a container … [Read more...]

Fun and Easy Halloween Bloody HandPrint Towel

Fun and Easy Halloween Bloody Hand Print Towel

So last week when my brain had run dry of sweet Halloween ideas, my bestie Jess sent me a torrent of texts filled with great ideas! One {this one} looked super fun and easy and I decided I needed to make one for our guest know, to scare away any guests that might be foolish enough to enter our asylum. Anyhoo, I also just happened to have all the materials on hand … [Read more...]

Red, White, & Blue 4th of July Painted Flag Denim Jackets

4th of July Painted Flag Denim Jackets By:

Well, summer seems to be kicking me in the tushie so far, but we are very much looking forward to 4th of July and celebrating our independence and freedoms with family and some stunning fireworks over the lake. Therefore, I wanted to show how we made these cute flag jackets the girlies get to wear while we hang out this holiday and Oooooh & Ahhhhh at the fireworks high above us. We loved … [Read more...]

Framed Burlap Stocking Decor

Framed Burlap Stocking Decor By

Don’t forget to enter the Katiedid Designs giveaway here for your chance to win some cute card designs or fun paper straws! This year as I pulled out all my Christmas decorations (late, since we traveled for Thanksgiving) I noticed this cool stocking frame I made a few years back, and realized that I had actually taken pics of it, but never posted the tutorial (so, please forgive the old … [Read more...]

Popsicle Stick Snowflake Ornaments

Popsicle Stick Snowflake Ornaments By

By the looks of things online, Christmas is already upon us and going strong! Not that I'm complaining....It happens to be my favorite holiday (right before Halloween) and every year I end up making tons of seasonal crafts.  Some of the ones I really love to always have around are kids crafts that are easy for my girlies to make and help decorate the house with. I actually came up with these last … [Read more...]

Board and Batten Coat Nook….Finally!!

Board and Batten Coat Nook by

Ever since we moved in a little over a year ago, I've been planning and re-planning this little area next to the laundry room. Since coat season is on it's way, we desperately need someplace that's easy for the kiddos to hang their 5,000 coats and jackets....along with a place for snowy boots, hats, gloves, and scarves (and bills).  Otherwise, it all ends up on the floor I … [Read more...]

Fun Popsicle Shape Sticks


It's no secret that our youngest, Kira is very fact she is a sensory seeking kiddo and needs to keep her hands busy......all.the.time. So when I went searching for something to help keep her little hands busy during church, I saw this idea floating all over the blogosphere and the light bulb went off! I went ahead and painted mine first, and love how it looks this way! First, you … [Read more...]

DIY Providence Front Porch Bench

Front bench 2

I LOVE our front porch! It's big enough to sit out on and watch the kiddos ride bikes around, but not too big that it takes over the front of the house. The only problem was, there was no place to actually sit (to watch kiddos or otherwise). So, I set out to find the perfect front porch bench. I went to every store I could think of.....several times. But, none of them were "the one." Or, they … [Read more...]