Our Funny Christmas Card and Photo Idea

Our Funny and Unique Christmas Card and Photo Idea

Are you as behind on your Christmas "to~do" list as I am? It just seems like each year, that list gets exponentially longer...sheesh! Anyways, we finally got our cards done and decided to be funny this year {and a little lazy....ok, a lot lazy}. We also kinda ran out of time to schedule a photo shoot with any of the awesome photographers we are lucky enough to know {although, my friend¬†Amy was so … [Read more...]

Cheater’s Guide ~ How to Post Your Awesome DSLR Photos to Instagram

Cheater's Guide ~ How to Post Your Awesome DSLR Photos to Instagram By:

Ok, so we all know how awesome Instagram is {case in point, Jess~ The Fun Instagram Mom}, but we also all know how frustrating it is that we can't post the fantabulous pics we take with our super expensive DSLR cameras. What did we buy them for anyways, if we always end up taking pics of important events with our phones JUST so we can throw 'em up onto Instagram later? Well, there are apps you … [Read more...]

New Sponsor ~Jen Gagliardi Photography

Hey there everyone, have I got some EYE CANDY for you!!!!Last weekend we met with¬†AWESOME photographer, Jen Gagliardi based here in So Cal.We were LONG overdue for some new family pics, and since we FINALLY brought little Kira home.....we thought it was about time :)So we went to a nice park over in Redlands and she went right to work.This one is my FAVORITE so far.......see how Maddie is crackin' … [Read more...]

25 Days Of Christmas~More Awesome Photo Gifts

So, is it weird that I really like that Gap "boots" commercial? You know, the one with the cute little girls dancing around in cute boots/tights/sweaters/hats/etc, singing that catchy tune about their boots?I also really like the Free Credit commercials.......The one with the 3 guys lip-syching pretty badly in different venues. Weird huh?Anyhoo......Today I wanted to re-post an awesome … [Read more...]

25 Days Of Christmas~ Photo Ornaments For Your Tree

25 Days Of Christmas~ Photo Ornaments For Your Tree by

Hi!These are the ornaments that I made to show for Kristen yesterday for her These Oh-so-cute-and-super-easy-to-whip-up photo ornaments! I saw some like these on my friend's Christmas tree a few years back and HAD to make some myself! I've made these as gifts for grandparents and we have TONS on our tree each year too :) AND..... SO easy!! Start off with some: ~ … [Read more...]

I Heart TTV!!

K, so you all know that one of my hobbies is photography......well now I'm addicted to something else......TTV!!What is TTV, you ask?It stands for "Through the viewfinder" It's the effect you get when you take pictures with an old camera (with a dirty, dusty viewfinder), but it gives the pictures a "vintage-y" look.But, mine aren't real TTV pictures........mine are fake (Gasp!!)To get the real TTV … [Read more...]

A Kitchen Counter Makeover & Better Pics

Ok, so thanks to my friend Emily (great name!), I am re-learning about photography and trying to take better pics to post. You see, I took a few photography courses in college a llooonnngggg time ago and totally forgot everything. So, I have been studying it all again. We had this great 35mm that was awsome and last year I finally broke down and went DSLR and picked a GREAT one! (Canon EOS 40D) … [Read more...]