Kids Winter Fun~Simple & Colorful Ice Ornaments

Kids Winter Fun~Simple & Colorful Ice Ornaments

We've had some pretty chilly weather here lately and have a lot of white snowy landscape around as a result. The girls and I have been wanting to try something and this has been the perfect climate to hang some pretty colorful jeweled ice ornaments a midst all the white. These are super easy and fun for little ones to do as well. You'll need: Paper cups ~ These ones were 5 oz size Food … [Read more...]

23 Sensational Christmas Crafts for Kids

23 Sensational Christmas Crafts for Kids by

When I was a kid, I loved when the holidays rolled around, cuz that always meant we got to make fun Christmas crafts at school and graham cracker gingerbread houses at home (loaded up with tons of frosting and candies since we were allowed to eat it right away if we wanted). Back then, there weren't ready-made kits and so we made due. Now that we have kiddos of our own, I love finding fun crafts … [Read more...]

Popsicle Stick Snowflake Ornaments

Popsicle Stick Snowflake Ornaments By

By the looks of things online, Christmas is already upon us and going strong! Not that I'm complaining....It happens to be my favorite holiday (right before Halloween) and every year I end up making tons of seasonal crafts.  Some of the ones I really love to always have around are kids crafts that are easy for my girlies to make and help decorate the house with. I actually came up with these last … [Read more...]

Fun Popsicle Shape Sticks


It's no secret that our youngest, Kira is very fact she is a sensory seeking kiddo and needs to keep her hands busy......all.the.time. So when I went searching for something to help keep her little hands busy during church, I saw this idea floating all over the blogosphere and the light bulb went off! I went ahead and painted mine first, and love how it looks this way! First, you … [Read more...]