My Two Cents About The Vaccine Wars

My Two Cents About The Vaccine Wars By:

I don't normally write posts about hot~button topics, because honestly I would rather play with my pretty crafty stuff and show everyone how to make fun little things. But this is one area I'm really starting to get frustrated with the longer it goes on. I'm talking mostly about the whole vaxxers vs anti~vaxxers war that has popped up all over the internet. But to elaborate even further, I … [Read more...]

My Life Written As Mystery~ Holiday Weight Gain

Here's a little something fun for the holidays! I wake up everyday lately in a cold sweat. I'm tangled in my blankets and it takes me a few minutes to remember that I'm safe at home, in my own cozy bed. How did things get to be this way? Why can't I recall how it feels to be happy....just for a few hours at least? It's the holidays season, I should be feeling the warm fuzzy of love and kindness … [Read more...]

Fantastically Easy Ways To Foster Happiness In Your Life Now

Fantastically Easy Ways To Foster Happiness In Your Life Now

I love being happy, I mean who doesn't....{that's not a Pod Person}? And recently I've been working on some FANtastically easy ways to keep myself in an endless supply of happiness. Without doing anything questionable, of course. Happiness doesn't just fall into our laps, we have to help it along and a lot of us have to train ourselves to change our lifestyles to be able to be happy fairly … [Read more...]

Adventures With ADHD ~ Throw In Some OCD And You’ve Got A Party

Adventures With ADHD ~ Throw In Some OCD And You've Got A Party By:

ADHD is a lot of fun and super exciting for me. It helps me run around with my friend the headless chicken and allows me to remember exactly %5 of conversations I'm a part of {because after the first minute, my brain starts thinking of 53 other things that are not in the least pertinent to anything being discussed}. It aids me in keeping every project I start, half-finished and strewn around my … [Read more...]

My Life Written As Drama~ Bedtime

I was reading a fantastic book last where the story line was so thick with description that I wondered: What would my life sound like if written as a book? It might be a comedy, adventure or even drama, but I wanted to let you in on some of the most exciting times of my life these days....written as a passage from a book, of course. Bedtime The young girl with the sleepless blue … [Read more...]

Adventures With ADHD ~ The Headless Chicken and Me

Adventures With ADHD ~ The Headless Chicken and Me By:

I think we've all heard the saying " a chicken with it's head cut off." Well, I think that phrase was invented just for me.....'cuz that's my life 24/7/365. Not kidding. No really. Ask my hubs. Unlike Super mom, me and the Headless Chicken are pals.....and will probably remain so for many years to come. We're similar in that we both like to run around like....well, you know. And at the … [Read more...]

When My Heart Goes Out Walking Around….

When My Heart Goes Out Walking Around.... By:

These days, my heart belongs to 3 others bodies, besides my own {and one grown up body, if you count my hubs}. In fact, I think they have larger portions of that organ than I posses myself.....which can't be safe for me at all. It's a really weird thing to experience, this sharing of my heart with others. I mean, I have been in a family before this one that me and hubby created, it's just that … [Read more...]

The Power of Failure

The Power of Failure By:

I have learned to embrace, actually I have learned to love failure. Yes, that's a weird thing to say but it's true {and I'm weird, so I say weird things like that all the time}. Failure is an important part of life and, when all is said and done, usually helps make your life better somehow. We hate it though. We fight kicking and screaming against failure. We hang our heads in … [Read more...]