Stocking Stuffer Idea ~ Shrinky Dinks Deer Necklace

Stocking Stuffer Idea~Shrinky Dinks Necklace By

I'm on the hunt for awesome stocking stuffers and small trinkets to give as gifts and hide in stocking for the people (and kiddos) on my supa long Christmas list. A few weeks ago we were playing with Shrinky Dinks in Activity Days (8-11 yr-old girls) and I wanted to do more....cuz let's face it, this stuff is fun! I found some festive large punches that I wanted to try out with this craft and … [Read more...]

Don’t Get Pinched! Shrinky Dink Shamrock Pin

Don't Get Pinched! Shrinky Dink Shamrock Pin By:

Happy St. Patty's Day!Well, today is St. Patty's Day, so I thought I would share a super-fun craft we did for our Mother/Daughter shamrock party last week! Remember Shrinky Dinks????? If you do, you're probably old like me (or older :) Anyhoo, I got some Grafix shrink film from Joanns and I made this CA-UTE shamrock pin! It's soooooo easy! Other than the shrink … [Read more...]