New Sponsor – The Ribbon Retreat

I am so excited to introduce you to The Ribbon Retreat!!Why am I so excited, you may ask??Because just take a look around their store and you will be salavating at all the pretty ribbon (every kind you can ever wish for) and fabric (tons of it!), as well as plenty of tools and supplies to help you along your way!!At The Ribbon Retreat + Fabric, they carry the highest quality fabrics, patterns, and … [Read more...]

New Sponsor – Palm Trees and Chocolate

I would like to introduce a great new sponsor....Palm Trees and Chocolate!Just look at that name, it screams "enjoying warm weather with lots of chocolate!! (not the cheap kind either)"Well, they carry a large variety of beaded and natural stone watch bands and faces you can mix and match to your taste and style.That means, you can have a new watch band (or whole watch) for each day of the … [Read more...]

Freecycle Friday…..On Saturday!! More Re-Purposing With Kids Clothes

Happy Friday!!! (uuhhhh......Saturday :}I was too busy yesterday and most of today enjoying some fun migraines (and 3 sweet, needy kiddos).SO.......A treat for you guys on this fine weekend.MORE cute accessories from my kids clothes (and even something for me this time :)I used the tulle from the bottom of this skirt that I used in last week's post.To make the cute hair clips flowers, just take … [Read more...]

New Sponsor~ Photo Making

*Don't forget to enter my Lisa Leonard Designs giveaway here*I'm pleased to announce an awesome new sponsor!PhotoJewelryMaking.comHere's a little about them: is the world's largest photo jewelry supplies super store. They offer a large selection of photo jewelry making supplies such as photo bracelet blanks, brooch blanks, pendant blanks, photo ring blanks,cufflinks and … [Read more...]

New Sponsor ~Jen Gagliardi Photography

Hey there everyone, have I got some EYE CANDY for you!!!!Last weekend we met with AWESOME photographer, Jen Gagliardi based here in So Cal.We were LONG overdue for some new family pics, and since we FINALLY brought little Kira home.....we thought it was about time :)So we went to a nice park over in Redlands and she went right to work.This one is my FAVORITE so far.......see how Maddie is crackin' … [Read more...]

New Sponsor……..Girly Girl Essentials

Hey all! I have an awesome brand new sponsor!!!Do you LOVE A-dorable hair bling for your little girls, but hate spending all that $$$$$?Well, look no farther than Girly Girl Essentials!She is one frugal mama to some ca-ute little girls......but a girl's gotta have some bling and that can add up!So she started Girly Girl Essentials so she can pass the savings onto us other frugal moms.Check out … [Read more...]

New Sponsor!! and More Crafts Coming……

Everyone who has their WHOLE crazy awesome family at their house (minus one)......raise your hand.I'm raising my hand.Anyhoo, my whole family is here meeting our new little one and the week has been busy, but fun. But now enough fun and BACK TO WORK!First, I want to introduce you all to my VERY first sponsor!FireFly TutusOk, so I almost died from the cuteness factor of these little tutus as soon … [Read more...]