Painted Rainbow Bead Necklace + Cool Painting Hack

Painted Rainbow Bead Necklace + Cool Painting Hack

Since the weather has warmed and St. Patty's Day is next week, we wanted to make more fun things to wear for Spring. I also wanted to show you a cool hack to use when painting's life~changing. Seriously! You'll Need: Wooden Beads {I carry these in my Etsy shop} Paint~ I used the "pearl" finish from Martha Stewart Paintbrush~ duh Plastic Straws Rice in a container … [Read more...]

Braided T~Shirt Bracelets for St. Patrick’s Day~Great Craft for Kids!

Braided T~Shirt Bracelets for St. Patrick's Day~Great Craft for Kids!

Do you have some old t~shirts hanging around screaming for a new purpose? Use them to make some adorable new bracelets and if you make them in green they can even help keep you from being pinched this St. Patty's Day! Start by cutting your knit t~shirts into 1 inch strips. If you don't have any old t~shirts to cut up, you can run over to your local fabric store and buy a bit {you can buy … [Read more...]

13 Cute St. Patty’s Day Treats For Kids

13 Cute St. Patty's Day Treats For Kids

We really love St. Patrick's Day around here and always try to do something fun to celebrate. But honestly, I use these holidays to make cute yummy treats that make me drool and even though we won't get around to all these cute yummies this year, we definitely need to add them to our list! Lucky Charms French Toast {Yep! You heard right} by Tastes of Lizzy T's Homemade Rainbow … [Read more...]

20 Fun St. Patrick’s Day Crafts and Treats

20 Fun St. Patrick's Day Crafts and Treats By

When we were kiddos, St. Patty's Day was a simple day when you just wore a bit o' green to keep from getting accosted by pinches at school. Nowadays, we like to eat green foods, make intricate traps, and create fun crafts to help celebrate this day of blarney and lucky clovers. I looked up some fun activities to share here and hope these help you to get in the mood as well! Over the Rainbow … [Read more...]

Lucky Leprechaun Donuts and Tricky Leprechaun Traps

Lucky Leprechaun Donuts and Tricky Leprechaun Traps By:

Nothing says March like tiny green donuts and cute little Leprechaun traps, right? Well, a few years back, when my older two kiddos were in Kindergarten (different years, same school) all the kiddos were assigned the cutest project ever! They were asked to make a Leprechaun trap to bring in to show the class. Then, on St. Patrick's Eve all the traps were put to the test to try and catch one of the … [Read more...]

St. Patrick’s Day Treat ~ Leprechaun Loot Pail + Printable

Saint Patrick's Day Treat ~ Leprechaun Loot Pail By:

With 3 girlies around, St. Patty's Day has become kind of a big deal here.....What, with all the rainbow and pot o' gold themed stuff out there, and little people with magic and allllll the green tinted food! It's no wonder my girls have warmed up to this fun holiday pretty quickly. I added these cute clear paint cans to my Etsy store recently, and wanted to play with some fun ways to dress them … [Read more...]

Don’t Get Pinched! Shrinky Dink Shamrock Pin

Don't Get Pinched! Shrinky Dink Shamrock Pin By:

Happy St. Patty's Day!Well, today is St. Patty's Day, so I thought I would share a super-fun craft we did for our Mother/Daughter shamrock party last week! Remember Shrinky Dinks????? If you do, you're probably old like me (or older :) Anyhoo, I got some Grafix shrink film from Joanns and I made this CA-UTE shamrock pin! It's soooooo easy! Other than the shrink … [Read more...]