Red, White, & Blue 4th of July Painted Flag Denim Jackets

4th of July Painted Flag Denim Jackets By:

Well, summer seems to be kicking me in the tushie so far, but we are very much looking forward to 4th of July and celebrating our independence and freedoms with family and some stunning fireworks over the lake. Therefore, I wanted to show how we made these cute flag jackets the girlies get to wear while we hang out this holiday and Oooooh & Ahhhhh at the fireworks high above us. We loved … [Read more...]

Color On Shape Magnets ~ Father’s Day & Summer Kids Craft

Color On Shape Magnets ~ Father's Day & Summer Kids Craft By:

I have been racking my brain for a cute craft the kiddos could make for the hubs for Father's Day this year. So, as I was ransacking my craft supplies for inspiration, I came across these cute shapes I made from magnet material {we all know how much I LOVE magnets!!} that the kiddos could draw on with colorful permanent markers. I knew the hubs would love being able to use these and see the … [Read more...]

Yummy summer treat- Ice cream sandwiches

So sorry, I won't be having Freecycle Friday today because I am crazy busy getting ready for a birthday party :( But, I promise it will be back next Friday!If you are looking for the GIVEAWAY, scroll down to the next post.Well, it's still hotter than the sun here, today we made ice cream sandwiches!(I taught my cookies tricks....sit up....stand up! GOOD COOKIES!)Really, these are for my … [Read more...]

Cute Summer Toes

Wow! I didn't realize it's been OVER a week since mt last post! I promise I won't ever, ever do that again (till next time :)No, really, I've been busy at home and other stuff. You will all soon see a few things I've been doing....but first, we need to see one of my favorite signs of summer! CUTE TOES!!!I always paint my own toes 'cuz I am cheap and don't want to pay to get them done and I think I … [Read more...]