Yummy New Halloween Countdown Blocks

Yummy New Halloween Countdown Blocks By:

Howdy everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend and maybe pigged out on some yummy fried foods :) Today I wanted to show the new countdown blocks I made with some yummy new Halloween paper from Echo Park. I LOVE this collection with all the orange and black & white!! It's great! Plus, we are making these as part of Super Saturday this year and it'll be great! Anywhoo, … [Read more...]

Super Saturday Crafts!! Chore Chart & Temple Block

Soooooooooo, can you tell I've been busy?On top of EVERYTHING else that's been going on here, I got sick last night. I'm not talking cute little cough,cough, sniff, sniffI pucked my brains out!!!And some other stuff (I think you all know what I mean :(Well, I feel better today, so I guess it wasn't the flu, probably something I ate. That should teach me to stop eating out of the matter … [Read more...]

Super Saturday Is CRAZY!!!

WOW!So, I'm sure you've noticed that I've been a little MIA.Well......Our Super Saturday is TOMORROW! (and I'm not ready yet.......but don't tell anyone)In case you don't know what SS is,It's a cool Mormon thing. (I don't know who started it, but I LOVE her!)It's where all the ladies get together one Saturday a year.....and craft the whole day away :)I always teach a class (or 2), so I'll be up … [Read more...]