Red, White, & Blue 4th of July Painted Flag Denim Jackets

4th of July Painted Flag Denim Jackets By:

Well, summer seems to be kicking me in the tushie so far, but we are very much looking forward to 4th of July and celebrating our independence and freedoms with family and some stunning fireworks over the lake. Therefore, I wanted to show how we made these cute flag jackets the girlies get to wear while we hang out this holiday and Oooooh & Ahhhhh at the fireworks high above us. We loved … [Read more...]

Somebody That You Used To Know

FC photo

Hello all you out there!! Boy, have I missed you and blogging while I've been MIA. So.......I'm back!! Yay!! I'm so excited and have TONS of fun stuff planned for us to do. So, visit often and say hi if you have time. I can't wait to show you all sorts of fun things. I didn't want to relaunch my blog till I was sure I could stick around and do a really good job again and it killed me that I … [Read more...]

Need To Stay Organized This School Year…..And Later too?

Yes, yes, I know what you all are thinking.......terrible blogger, this one. But, I won't bore you with excuses. I'll just get on to the cute new craft I have to show you all! Okie dokie, so I love, love, LOVE those cute framed wall calendars you can write on with dry erase......BUT I don't think the tiny squares are big enough to write things in (legibly), I still don't have one in "ma … [Read more...]

Freecycle Friday – Temple Sealing Gift And Reader Giveaway!!!!

Happy Friday!!!Today is special because it was the LAST day of kindergarten for my baby girl!!!I think I need to cry baby is growing up so fast and she's gonna be a first grader!! Holy cow!!When she was a baby, I could NEVER imagine her as a first grader......or a kindergartner :(Ok, so enough blubbering and on to my Freecycle craft for today.I found a B-eautiful frame at my local … [Read more...]

My Pottery Barn Necklace Frame Knockoff

Happy Freecycle Friday!!!Well, I was drooling over the PB website lately and FELL. IN. LOVE. with their jewelry display frames!!(but not the price)So, since I had a few frames from the thrift store lying around.............I decided to make my own.This is how mine came out!!!This is their version I NEEDED some color in my bathroom, and I LOVED this blue!Nice and bright and cheery.I also adore the … [Read more...]

Freecycle Friday ~ Cute Tool Carryall

Happy Freecycle Friday!Well, since we are still not buying stuff (including no thrift store or garage sale shopping :(....I had to dig into my stash of thrift store junk that I still haven't gotten around to yet.(I think you all know what I mean :)So, I discovered 3, yup 3 of these babies at a nearby Goodwill......and snatched 'em right up!So, since it came unfinished (1 less step for me since I … [Read more...]

Freecycle Friday – More junk! & Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!!So Blogger was acting up yesterday, so you guys get a Halloween treat.....Freecycle Friday on Saturday!K, so this week I want to show you all what I did with one of my thrift store finds.It's super-easy!I took this:And made it into this:Just using paint.I just used Krylon brushed nickel spray paint to cover the milk pail.(check out this post to see another use) Then, once dry, I … [Read more...]

Freecycle friday ~ Cute halloween Bucket

Freecycle friday ~ Cute halloween Bucket By:

Hi there....Happy Friday!!! Wish I could say mine was good....but I had "A Day" today with my kiddos. Hopefully they sleep late in the morning. Well,.......this HUGE bucket of M&M's should cheer me up :) Take a gander at this up-cycle: I took this from my junk stash, and did this. Told you I was thinking Halloween-y for this bucket. It didn't turn out quite … [Read more...]