18 Easy Sewing Projects for Kids, Teens, and Tweens

18 Easy Sewing Projects for Kids, Teens, and Tweens

  Right now the days are still chilly and sometimes the kiddos can't get out to play and burn off energy {and give mom some quiet time}. So, we have been busy hunting down more sewing projects that my older 2 girlies can busy themselves with at times when their hands are "Not So Idle." I posted these ideas here last year and they have been great at the times when kiddos get bored … [Read more...]

The Tooth Marshall

Hi all!!I just wanted to show pics of the little boy tooth fairy pillow I made to send off to my sweet nephew Joseph, (who is already losing teeth too :)You can check out Larissa's post here to see the original "tooth marshall" tooth she made (so cute!), and click here to see the ballerina ones I made for my girls.I used flannel for this cutie too, so I had to use fraycheck on all the raw edges … [Read more...]

Cute Tooth Fairy Pillow

So, we are now up to our eyeballs in Tooth Fairy lore here.(the first pic is Maddie in the am all dressed and hair done for school, the second is right before bed and just a headband thrown on.....that's why the lighting looks so different in each)A few weeks ago Maddie, my oldest, got 2 wobbly teeth (and then lost 2 wobbly teeth). So, I went looking for a cute Tooth Fairy tradition to start for … [Read more...]