Easy Valentine Toilet Paper Tube Crackers for Kids

Easy Valentine Toilet Paper Tube Crackers for Kids By:

We're getting closer to the biggest day of love and romance of the year and it feels like the weather is trying it's darnedest to make doubly sure that all the love~birds out there have plenty of reason to cuddle for extra warmth. If you do need a fun craft to help keep you warm out there, check out these easy hand warmers here. These Valentine crackers are super easy and your kiddos can whip … [Read more...]

Freecycle Friday – Faux Makeup For Your Kiddos

We decided a long time ago that we don't want our kids to get used to wearing real makeup too young, but the only "play" makeup I can ever find in the toy section is all REAL!!So, I always save my empty makeup containers for my girls to play with, but I have always kept an eye out for "play" makeup like I used to have as a kid. But, I still haven't found any (only the occasional fake lipstick and … [Read more...]

Super-Fun Beanbag Balloons

So, I saw this on the Family Fun website here and couldn't resist trying it, since we just happened to have all the ingredients at our fingertips. (I LOVE this website!) Anyhoo, it is with any craft, we needed to modify things a little, so I'll give a quick tute (hee, hee, that's a funny word :) For each ball, you will need three balloons (the website used different colors that looked … [Read more...]