Braided T~Shirt Bracelets for St. Patrick’s Day~Great Craft for Kids!

Braided T~Shirt Bracelets for St. Patrick's Day~Great Craft for Kids!

Do you have some old t~shirts hanging around screaming for a new purpose? Use them to make some adorable new bracelets and if you make them in green they can even help keep you from being pinched this St. Patty's Day! Start by cutting your knit t~shirts into 1 inch strips. If you don't have any old t~shirts to cut up, you can run over to your local fabric store and buy a bit {you can buy … [Read more...]

Not So Boring Mom~ Easy Valentine Garland Even Your Kids Can Do!


*We are re~naming this series "Not So Boring Mom" * I have about ZERO valentine decorations for some reason...I love the holiday but just have never stalked up on all the decor and each year I kick myself for it! This year I thought to myself ...if I am not going to decorate the house for V-Day there is no reason my daughter can't add a little spice to her very own bedroom door to help feel … [Read more...]

Charming & Simple Gold Painted JOY Bottles

Charming & Simple Gold Painted JOY Bottles

This little DIY Christmas craft is super easy and super cheap. Just what you need during The Holidays right? I don't know about you, but we are big Martinelli's Sparkling Cider fans around here. That seems to be "our drink" this time of year. [SIDE STORY: When I was pregnant with my daughter last year I was suuper sick and Martinelli's was the ONLY liquid I could keep down. So needless to say I … [Read more...]

Harry Potter Birthday Invitations and Authentic Acceptance Letter and Party Part 1

Harry Potter Birthday Invitations and Authentic Acceptance Letter and Party Part 1

Well, another birthday party has come and gone around these parts and like always, now is the time to show the super fun results of said party. This one was especially fun since our oldest begged for the magic of a Harry Potter par~tay...of which, I happen to be a super huge fan of {1st book came out the year after I graduated high school and I was hooked by the first page....yes, I'm THAT … [Read more...]

Somebody That You Used To Know

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Hello all you out there!! Boy, have I missed you and blogging while I've been MIA. So.......I'm back!! Yay!! I'm so excited and have TONS of fun stuff planned for us to do. So, visit often and say hi if you have time. I can't wait to show you all sorts of fun things. I didn't want to relaunch my blog till I was sure I could stick around and do a really good job again and it killed me that I … [Read more...]

More Magnetic Fun!

So, you all know how much I LOVE anything magnetic......right?Well, Greenbean over at Green Bean's Crafterole posted this on the NSIH Flickr Group (who saw it here) and LOVED it! (duh, it involves magnets)So, I tried it out for a friend's birthday recently and came out with this cuteness.Then, I got a larger shingle and made this awesome-ness to hang in out living room and show off some cute … [Read more...]

"Be" Blocks Are Now Available!! Yay!

Hi there!Well, I'm so happy to let you all know that Cammie from Scribble It will be taking over selling my "Be" blocks vinyl for now (YAY!)I feel so bad that I can't sell these right now, but you have all been SO understanding. But, you don't have to wait any longer. Just click on the button on my sidebar to go to her awesome website to order. She will be selling these as kits, so now you don't … [Read more...]

So Close……

Ok, I was soooooo close to be able to post today, BUT, I'll be back tomorrow, I promise (pinky swear)!! … [Read more...]