Some sad news

I found out last night (from kari at UCreate) that Stacey Wolfley (you might know as author of "The thrifty Chick" on my blogroll) passed away 2 days ago due to stroke. She was only 31 and left behind her husband and 4 sweet kiddos (the youngest was only 14 days old).My prayers are with her family as I'm sure they miss her. You can see her obituary here. … [Read more...]


Alrighty, so it looks like to get your attention I have to make sure you know my last post has a GIVEAWAY!! Also, to make my GIVEAWAY!! more interesting.....whomever wins the jars will receive, not only the jars themselves, but they will be filled with goodies (and maybe just a little belly button lint).Got your attention yet or do I need to GIVEAWAY!! my second-born too (someone already has dibs … [Read more...]