Kids Party Food Idea: Mac N Cheese Bar + Video

Kids Party Food Idea: Mac N Cheese Bar + Video t:

 So, I am so very excited to introduce you all to my awesome sis, Beth {or Liz or Lizzy or Elizabeth}. She has a really cool You Tube channel over at The Crunchy Housewife where she makes great videos that show how to do all sorts of neat things....along with some cool tips and tricks. Well, she told me about this fun idea and I asked her if she would mind doing a guest post for me since this is … [Read more...]

22 More April Fool’s Tricks and Pranks for Kids

22 More April Fool's Tricks and Pranks for Kids By:

Ok, so I already explained how much we love April Fool's Day here, so I don't need to again. But I did want to share some more fun pranks you all can do tomorrow when you are all full of mischief. First, I want to show you what happens when you mess with a 3 year old's Cheetos.... This video is from waaaaaaay back! I opened some bags of Cheetos and switched them out for carrots. Then I used … [Read more...]

Super Easy How to Make Pom Poms + Video!

Super Easy How to Make Pom Poms + Video! By:

I've had so many awesome readers email me and ask about the pom poms from my Christmas Wreath post. These fluffy things are so easy to make, but it tends to be a teeny bit tricky to learn exactly how it's done. That's why, I decided to make a video (in addition to taking pics) so you can see it being done in person....kind of. If you want to skip the pics and go straight to the video, just head … [Read more...]