Framed Burlap Stocking Decor

Framed Burlap Stocking Decor By

Don’t forget to enter the Katiedid Designs giveaway here for your chance to win some cute card designs or fun paper straws! This year as I pulled out all my Christmas decorations (late, since we traveled for Thanksgiving) I noticed this cool stocking frame I made a few years back, and realized that I had actually taken pics of it, but never posted the tutorial (so, please forgive the old … [Read more...]

Skull Frame with Free Printable

Skull Frame with Free Printable

I'm getting more and more into the Halloween spirit this week. It's feeling more like Fall here (except for the super wind) and that always starts getting me in the mood for all the holidays coming up. And baking....but that's another post. I wanted to show this easy craft today since it's something you can do fairly quickly and you don't even need a die cutting machine for it, Yay! To start, … [Read more...]

Somebody That You Used To Know

FC photo

Hello all you out there!! Boy, have I missed you and blogging while I've been MIA. So.......I'm back!! Yay!! I'm so excited and have TONS of fun stuff planned for us to do. So, visit often and say hi if you have time. I can't wait to show you all sorts of fun things. I didn't want to relaunch my blog till I was sure I could stick around and do a really good job again and it killed me that I … [Read more...]

Kindergarten T-Shirts That Are Cuter Than Apples Pie


So.....our Super Saturday was awesome, as it always is every year!! Very crazy & busy....but AWESOME!! The ladies who arranged it all did wonderfully, and all the teachers did great! I taught my Halloween & Christmas countdown blocks and everyone who made them did a smashing job (trying to be a little British here :) Thanks all!! Anyhoo, I promised to show you all the cute … [Read more...]

A Few Last Halloween Ideas…..

A Few Last Halloween Ideas..... By:

Ok, so anyone game for 2 last great Halloween projects.....for next year, of course. But still fun to look at and keep in mind for later :)  For this project, I was inspired by Shelley of House of Smiths and her supa-cute Halloween subway art she showed here!! So, I decided to make one to add to our Halloween decor stash this year (I like to add something each year). I got myself … [Read more...]

Freecycle Friday – Temple Sealing Gift And Reader Giveaway!!!!

Happy Friday!!!Today is special because it was the LAST day of kindergarten for my baby girl!!!I think I need to cry baby is growing up so fast and she's gonna be a first grader!! Holy cow!!When she was a baby, I could NEVER imagine her as a first grader......or a kindergartner :(Ok, so enough blubbering and on to my Freecycle craft for today.I found a B-eautiful frame at my local … [Read more...]

“Frightful” Where You Live???

"Frightful" Where You Live??? By

So, we leave next week to go back to Russia and bring home our sweet little girl!! So please forgive me if I lag on my blogging...... I promise I will keep on trucking and try to post at least once a week while we are getting ready and gone. Thanks SO MUCH for all of your support, prayers, and kind words......we really do feel them all!! Now,..... On to the craft! I … [Read more...]

25 Days Of Christmas~Yet Another Use For Vinyl

25 Days Of Christmas~Yet Another Use For Vinyl By

You have till midnite tonight (Pacific Time) to still enter my super-duper giveaway! Ok,......Is everyone else as excited as I am?!?!?!?! But, right now we have to focus and not let our excitement get the best of us. So, I want to show you another thing you can do when you win one of those big rolls of vinyl..... Cute picture frame quotes!!! I made this 2 years ago for … [Read more...]