25 Days Of Christmas~Super-Duper Giveaway!!!!

Update: First of all.....I got so excited when I wrote this, that I forgot to say when it ended. So, contest ends Monday nite at midnite and I will announce the winner on Tues.Also, the contest is for 2 winners, each receiving 1 roll of vinyl......sorry I wrote that wrong earlier :(Sooooooo,Guess what I got in the mail??VINYL!!! After I posted this.........Sign Warehouse contacted me to say thanks … [Read more...]

25 Days Of Christmas~Easy Decor For Your Front Door & A Reader Giveaway

25 Days Of Christmas~Easy Decor For Your Front Door by

Welcome to day #3 of my 25~day stint! Yesterday, me & the girls had a great time at now that I got a HEALTHY dose of Christmas cheer, I'm ready to get back to work! Today I redecorated our front door.....super~easy to do! Just whipped up a "Merry Christmas" on my vinyl cutter and added our wreath that I got for a DEAL last year after Christmas at Sam's (LOVE … [Read more...]

25 Days Of Christmas~Festive Glass Blocks

25 Days Of Christmas~Festive Glass Blocks by

Well, here's day #2 of my "25 Days of Christmas" and I'm starting to sweat a little :) Today, I'm showing some cute glass blocks I've made in the past 2 years. This little one is soooooooo cute and is the first one I made. I used vinyl to make the lettering and sealed it with a clear gloss sealer and topped it with a cute poofy bow (2 1/2" ribbon looks nice :)   I usually put this … [Read more...]

25 Days Of Christmas ~ Cute Christmas Countdown Blocks

25 Days Of Christmas ~ Cute Christmas Countdown Blocks by

Happy December Everyone! I was thinking about Christmas crafts and realized that there are SO many floating around in my (little :) brain..... Therefore, I decided to post everyday till the BIG day. This is great and will include craft tutes, gift ideas and tutes, tips, ideas for activities (maybe) etc. I made my own button!!!! All by myself!! You can grab one too.... So, … [Read more...]

Tee Shirt Stencil Painting

Tee Shirt Stencil Painting By:

So, are you all as excited for Black Friday Thanksgiving as I am? Yeah, I guess this is a bad time to be on a spending freeze :( Anyhoo, I just wanted to post this tute before the Fall season finishes up (since I will be starting Christmas crafts very soon). I made these a few months ago with some other moms for my daughter's field trip to an apple orchard near us. They make these at … [Read more...]

Halloween Glass Blocks

Halloween Glass Blocks By:

So, Halloween is getting you have enough decor yet???? Well, here are some super-cute glass blocks I made last year that are sooooooo fun! (and easy)  Just set one of these babies out on your porch to add some fun ambiance :) So, what you'll need: ~Some black vinyl OR paper of your choice ~Square glass block ~Small string of Halloween lights (you'll want to use … [Read more...]